Sunday, 6 September 2015

Vintage Hollyburn

How I love this skirt!  It is the Hollyburn Skirt by Sewaholic.  I bought this blue vintage fabric from ebay.  It has a 1970s/80s vibe don’t you think?  It’s got a fabulous design with some great colours; pink, green, yellow and white.  I don’t normally wear blue, but because I can wear all these other colours on the top it’s fine!  I love the swish of the skirt and the side seam pockets!  I did the tabs version and found these 2 big buttons in my vintage stash.  Perfect!  I know I am going to get plenty of wear out of this.  Although it is cotton I am sure it will transition into the autumn with boots and a cardigan.  I have got a yellow cardigan which is exactly the same as the yellow in the skirt, but I left it somewhere last week!  Hopefully it will be in lost property!  I am looking forward to making a winter version too, maybe corduroy?  What fabric have you made Hollyburn in?


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  1. Looks fab! Gorgeous colour..big fan of a skirt with pockets :)