Friday, 23 October 2015

2/3rds of the way through–no longer a lurker!


No longer a lurker on people’s blogs, I have come out of the closet and am commenting left, right and centre!  I am 2/3rds of the way through my 300 blog comments in 30 days.  I’ve just written my 200th comment!  Here are some of my thoughts so far:


I have left lurkdom behind!  In the past, I did not comment on many blogs that I visited.  I hardly ever commented on sewing blogs, especially the more well known ones.  I guess I didn’t feel confident to comment, not worthy of their greatness in the online sewing community, and anyway they already got loads of comments!  Since I plucked up the courage to comment (and subscribe to their comments), some of them have commented on my comment, ie communicated with me! Not only that but lots of people I’ve left comments for have been back to visit me!  It’s a two-way communication, and that makes me very happy.  No more lurking for me!

I’ve found lots of new-to-me blogs that I will go back to have a longer look. I’ve mostly found them through blogs I know, for example, Julia’s Stamping Ground WOYWW.  I took part in an online blogging course some years ago, and have followed a few of fellow participants through the years.  Now I have connected with the others in that little community. 

Through Sandie’s blog I have found 30 days of blogging challenge. I have signed up for the 30 daily emails.  I can see that it is aimed at businesses, but am hopeful that I can use some of the ideas for my photo blog, as well as my Etsy business SewLindyLou.  That will be November’s challenge!

I have realised what I like in a blog post.  Not too long (some of the sewing blog posts are really long when they write about a particular pattern and how they made it up.)  I really like crafting blogs.  I’ve looked at some gardening blogs, but I don’t find them as compelling as paper crafting or sewing. I also like to get to know the blogger, so a few personal details and what they’ve been doing is great.  I particularly love the memes like ‘Pairs’ on Helena’s blog and Me on a Monday on Sian’s blog.  Watch out!  I’ll be joining in next month!

There is some fabulous inspiration out there!  I have noted some dressmaking patterns and fabrics that I would like.  There are some great sites with sketches and inspiration for my scrapbooking.  I have discovered some wonderful art journallers (through WOYWW) and really want to try it out for myself.  I am thinking of including it in my goals for next year, and maybe do an online course.

Now for the negatives:

Boy, does this take up a lot of time on the computer!!!  I have followed my usual blogs a lot of the time rather than always finding new blogs, as this has saved me time.  When I visit a new blog, I like to take some time to look around and read a few blog posts.  Sometimes I haven’t commented, for example, if the blogger hasn’t blogged for a while.  300 blogs in 30 days is 10 blogs per day, and there have been many days when I haven’t commented at all, especially at the weekend.

This means that I have been feeling behind all the time!  Even now, it’s the 22nd and I have only made 209 comments.  So even today I am 11 behind!  And feeling behind is stressful!

Consequently I haven’t done many of my own blog entries!  I did a post about my quilts on SewLindyLou because I was leaving comments on quilting blogs, and a post about Barney to keep my photo blog going.  I’m hoping to rectify this and start to blog much more regularly from next month on, especially with my 30 days of blogging challenge.

I need to find a way for people to follow me!  Somebody asked me how they could follow me, but I don’t know!  I think I will have to look into Bloglovin’, in fact I think I did register on there a while ago.  I am a little bit lazy when it comes to technology.  Something to put on my to-do list, along with learning about the statistics available.


It just remains for me to say ‘thank you’ for all the return comments you have made on my blogs, and I hope that we can continue communicating.  That’s what makes me happy!


  1. I'm following you on Bloglovin'. I really like having a blog reader as it saves a lot of time. I agree that blogging, following blogs and commenting on blogs takes a lot of time. Once your personal challenge is over, you will most likely fall in to a more do-able pattern. I probably comment on about 5 blogs a day. I follow over 200 blogs, so 5 comments seems a trivial amount. Really, I just want to comment when I feel like I have something to add or compliment. Where most people spend hours a day on Facebook (or as I like to refer to it---Fakebook) and Pinterest, I spend mine on blogs. I feel a more personal connection to my internet friends through their blogs. I love that I've had the opportunity to meet a few of them. What I really need to focus on is replying to my own commenters!

  2. Hi Linda ~ Congratulations on being 2/3 through your commenting challenge! :o) And thanks for your comment this morning! I wanted to let you know that I did not receive an email with your mailing information for the mandala kit you won. Maybe try sending again when you have time? djturtle (@) cox (.) net

  3. Wow, you have been really busy. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I am always delighted to know that people are reading my posts and really appreciate you taking the time to post a comment. I felt the same way (and still do on some blogs) about posting but just jumped in an love the fact that the (sewing) blog community is so welcoming and interactive. Oh, I had a look at you Easy shop. You have some lovely patterns. Xx

  4. Hi Linda ~ Thanks for your comment this morning on my pumpkin mandalas. I have heard of Alisa Burke - will definitely check her out so thanks for sharing her name with me. :o) I do not have an email from you yet. That's so weird that it's not working for you. If you want to look my up on Facebook my last name is Althoff - you can either friend me or send me a private message. :o) I hope that works...

  5. Great to see it's not just me whose gained plenty of insights during the #300in30days challenge! I'd love for people to continue to take it up and learn for themselves all the little [and big] things we have!

  6. Look no further. You have found the best hand stitched leather shoes! Great design, durability and comfort!

  7. Hi Linda - your commenting has paid off because you're the winner of the Gertie Sews Vintage Casual book on my blog! Please email me on kerry (at) kestrelmakes(dot)com with your postal address. Btw - you don't have an email address in your profile or on your blog - you might have not put it on for a reason, but just in case you thought it was available somewhere, I couldn't find it!

  8. I came in from Notes on Papers. I'm one who try to visited new blogs it gives me whole different look on the world.
    I don't know if I could handle 300 comments a month or not. Some day I might give it a try. I'll be taking part in blogging every day in November.
    If you have time stop on in for some coffee