Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Cheap Dressing!

I am trying not to buy any new clothes this year!  Instead I am sewing new clothes or buying second hand from charity shops and ebay.

Here's an example, what I am wearing today.

First the jacket.  I wanted a light coloured jacket that I could wear on cooler summer days really.  I bought this one from eBay for £4 and decorated it with some cheap iron-on rose embroideries.   The jacket has been brought up to date!

Next the jeans.  I bought these from a local charity shop.  They were brand new, and I think I paid about £5 for them.  They fit perfectly except that they were a bit long.  So I turned them up, double stitching the hems as they were originally. 

The top is new and is from Lidl.  I think it was about £6! 

So whole outfit for £15.  Bargain!


  1. What a really lovely outfit. I like your jacket. The rose appliqués are a nice touch. eBay is great isn't it? What a bargain for the whole lot. Xx

  2. I love how you customized the jacket with those iron on appliqués. I also applaud your decision not to buy any new clothes this year. You'll get so much more satisfaction from your clothes if you sew them yourself (wish I could do that, sigh!) or buying from charity shops, where perfectly good nearly new items can be found for a fraction of the price. You did really well on those jeans. xxx